The ceremony of honoring a Volunteer Team


Initiative is its foundation stone, giving is his faith, humanity is his constitution, a fundamental pillar in the construction of society and the dissemination of the meanings of goodness and good deeds, it is voluntary work.

EPDC, In the presence of Archbishop Jean Kawak and Archbishop Matta AlKhouri and Mr. Shadi Sarweh and staff, set up a ceremony in honor of the volunteers team,

This team is one of the most important elements in the committee which enshrines the idea of offering free service from a Syrian man to his fellow man.

Archbishop Matta ALKhouri spoke about the importance of voluntary work, it is a free service offered from within a person without any imposition from the society, and at the same time is a way of self-confidence, especially in charity work by helping people in Personal exceeded their plight to feel their importance and their role in the progress of society in which they live, giving them hope for a happier new life.

In his turn Archbishop Jean Kawak talking to volunteers, he said: “You are an important part of the committee, our duty is to fulfill the needs of each other, regardless of religion or race, we are all humans and our duty is to serve humanity as a whole.”.

In a related subject Mr. Shadi Sarweh reviewed the volunteers’ comments and suggestions that enrich the committee’s work, as they are in direct contact with the beneficiaries. Stressing that they are a strong component in supporting the committee’s staff and a great help to ease the heavy workload on them.

It is worth mentioning, that the voluntary team at EPDC comprises of 60 volunteers, offering their services in the various programs and relief projects – registration – health care…..

Volunteer Josephine Entabbe (a 41 years old volunteer responsible for the registration database for one of the relief programs) says: “humanitarian field attracted me to work in the committee, in addition to the cumulative experience of self and other.” The volunteer Batoul Khoury (a 20 years old volunteer in the health care program) believes that the voluntary work gave her the experience to deal with all situations that can come across her work in the future. In another interview with the volunteer Solida Joseph (a 19 years old volunteer in renovation the database) says: “What attracted me to work in the committee is my love to help people and to engage in the field of employment at a young age.”.

We invite you to participate,

Syrian society service is the duty of each and every one of us, there are those who serve him to defend it, and there are those who serve him to provide a helping hand to our needy brothers and sisters.

Do not underestimate your help. The needs are great. Volunteer in civil society organizations to help in the development of society, to develop the human capabilities and sources to secure his existence in his land and have a better.

Volunteer … and be proud of your humanity.

October 6, 2015

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