When Yara was born, she looked normal, but she was as that at all. She lived in hospitals for the first 4 months of her life, until finally the problem was discovered. She had a metabolism disorder, which means she cannot process any protein such as milk, eggs and meat and she has to follow a special diet. This disorder meant she was on a constant danger of getting a setback at any time. She got better later, but her mental age was never as the actual one, metaphorically, she grows up a year every two years.

A year ago, she had a huge setback which resulted in mental paralysis, kidney failure and brain shrinkage. St. Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee (EPDC) decided to help the little girl and assist her physiotherapy with a standing table, to support her body while standing, and it is a constant help for her along with the physiotherapy, in addition it helps her eating and playing.

Her legs need support because she got a decline in her foot, too. It also helps cramps she usually gets because of the brain paralysis, which lead to form cramps in some places of her body.

“I would like to thank EPDC for helping us getting this special table… God bless you.. Thanks a lot.” The mother of the girl said.

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