Health Care Program

“You are not alone” is the slogan chosen by St.Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee for health program. “You are not alone in your illness”, “You are not alone in the continuous increase in the costs of providing health services”, “You are not alone “to protect and promote the health of every human being.

This program is considered one of the most important programs of the EPDC, which seeks to make basic health care accessible to all members of the community and its families. It also includes awareness campaigns carried out by this program, especially for the prevention of contagious diseases.

  • Free medical clinics – Damascus Rural – Erbin
  • Patriarch Zakka I Iwas Dialysis Center – Damascus – Dweila
  • St. Ephrem Charity Medical Centers – Hassaka, Raqqa and Deir Ezzor
  • Health awareness sessions for women – Damascus – Damascus Rural

Services provided by the program:

– Covering all costs of required medical procedures, such as: laboratory analyses of all kinds

– X-ray imaging of all kinds -Pathological anatomy -Magnetic resonance – Neurogram – Hearing test

-Pharmacological treatments – Medical glasses -Surgeries’ cost – Physical therapy services – Free mobility aids