Food Voucher Project

Shebaa and Darayya in Rural Damascus. 2019-2020

Under the rapid humanitarian response, St. Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee (EPDC) assist the local community in securing their basic food needs which has become difficult to afford because of the increase in prices and the difficult economic conditions by using paper EPDC voucher

With the spread of the novel Corona virus, the need has become more pressing to the most affected families due to the loss of some of their jobs and the difficulty in securing the needs of their families. Thus, EPDC distributed 1,400 paper vouchers to families in Shebaa and Darayya in Rural Damascus.

The vouchers activity is being monitored to ensure that beneficiaries receive quality food items.

* This voucher is redeemable only for approved quality standards for following products: Wheat – Long Rice – Coarse Bulgur – Fine Bulgur – Pasta – Red Lentil – Chickpeas – Vegetable Oil – Ghee – White Sugar – Sardine fish can- Tuna fish can- Tea – Tomato Paste – Halawa – Canned Meat – Eggs.

The distribution was accompanied with awareness sessions on the importance of hygiene and methods of preserving food in appropriate ways, within the mitigation measures necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19.