In-kind distributions

Within the framework of fulfilling its duty in humanitarian work, the EPDC has endeavored to secure the basic and necessary needs of the families most affected by the war, and implemented several projects to distribute in-kind kits in various Syrian governorates.

The EPDC worked to distribute the kits in proportion to the survey carried out by the EPDC teams in advance to know the needs of the residents in the target area and register them on the EPDC database.

in-kind kits such as:

  • Winter kits and supplies for children and families
  • Food kits for children and families
  • Clothes, stationery and non-food items
  • Hygiene kits (personal, children, families and women)

EPDC relief projects covered most of the Syrian governorates and was one of the first organizations to start working directly through a rapid response in rural Damascus to secure the basic supplies for the people in the area.