International Youth Day – 2019

Because they are the children of yesterday, the baptism of the present, the strength of the future, and the main pillar in the progress and building of every society, the St.Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee has held a celebration on the occasion of the International Youth Day in the Arabin region – Damascus Rural.

The celebration was held at the First Arabin School and witnessed the presence of hundreds of women with their children who came to celebrate this occasion. The celebration included educational and sports stations and games for adolescents, in addition to a dialogue session with the women on the topic of the importance of education for young people, and what are the challenges facing the region to obtain education, The psychological effects of school dropouts in the long run, which are reflected in their personality.

The celebration concluded with an interactive educational play about the importance of education and youth employment and the impact of parents ’decisions on the child’s future, followed by a discussion with the audience on the topic of the play and its goals.