Rehabilitation project of Al-Qadam River

Damascus Rural governorate – Jaramana 2018-2019


It is a social, environmental and service project that aims to improve the standard of living for the displaced families to the river area and the neighboring buildings by creating job opportunities for them and employing them in the process of sweeping garbage with monthly salaries for five months in which they can secure their daily requirements and provide the necessary safety equipment for their work.

– Providing vehicles equipped with mist sprinklers to get rid of insects.

– To permanently close the riverbed with a safe concrete channel and remove waste and dirt from the riverbed and its edges.

– 27,000 cubic meters of waste were transported.

-Educating 500 people by conducting a two-day qualitative awareness campaign on personal hygiene and the cleanliness of the surrounding environmental community.

– 30 job opportunities.

The project continues for the second time in a row in 2019 and is continuously expanding to secure more job opportunities and provide services to bigger areas.