Solid waste management project

temporary accommodation camps – 2018

Damascus Rural governorate

Within the framework of rapid response and measures of protection and public cleanliness, the Projects and Development Department of St.Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) launched a project for solid waste management (collection and deportation) in a number of temporary shelters that were recently allocated to receive IDPs from Eastern Ghouta in the city of Adra (Al-Fayhaa – Abu Al-Nasr – Schools), in order to improve the living conditions in the shelter centers, where the large displacement to these unqualified centers caused a great pressure on infrastructure services. Therefore, the Projects and Development Department initiated efforts to assist the local authorities in meeting these needs, which posed a threat to public health and increase diseases.

The project includes the collection and transportation of solid waste daily, in addition to spraying insecticides to improve health and waste management within these areas and temporary shelters, in addition to providing job opportunities for residents of these centers, which contributes to improving the living conditions of workers and their families and empowering IDPs in the following centers:

Al-Faihaa Shelter Center
The school center
Nassr Center
The Electricity Institute Shelter Center
The number of beneficiaries is 7680
590 health kits were distributed
3256 meters of waste has been transported
400 jobs provided
125 garbage containers were supplied