Supporting livelihoods project for entrepreneurs in vocational training

Damascus countryside – 2017

(Al-Duwaila, Kashkool, Jaramana, Sahnaya, Qudsaya, Qudsaya Suburb, Dummer Project, Al-Tal, Maraba, and Al-Warwar Nest).

With the prolonged period of the crisis and the worsening of its economic and social effects, the need for effective tools to improve livelihoods and economic and social development has increased, and the fact that small projects are among the most important feasible options in this area, because they affect in a dual and positive way the course of the economic cycle in two directions simultaneously, the St.Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee, in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program in Syria, a project to support the livelihoods of entrepreneurs in vocational training, within several regions of Damascus and its countryside

The idea of ​​the project is to provide a grant to help provide project requirements for graduates of entrepreneurship courses in the vocational training project in the Al-Rida Center to ensure that financing is used in the most appropriate way to provide the beginning of these projects and the beginning of an economic recovery and earning a livelihood for many trainees and their families.

Entry into the labor market has been secured for 60 entrepreneurial projects after several stages of economic study and market study, and securing the necessary requirements to support entrepreneurs and support them to open their projects.