Bet Al-Mauna Al-Maaloui project

Maaloula – 2018

A social service project aimed at empowering women and improving their standard of living, as it provides jobs and income for workers and workers to be able to secure the necessities of their daily lives and stay on their land because after the armed gangs left from the town of Maaloula, this town faced a new reality represented in severe ruin of public and private property and the loss of their livelihoods.

The project is summarized by conducting training sessions, building women’s skills, establishing and equipping a kitchen for the production and marketing of home mortar, in addition to providing permanent job opportunities for 17 women, to be prepared for the transition from simple home production to professional production.

The project contributed to:

  1. Securing and preparing a project to produce clean food products for the local community at reasonable prices and high quality.
  2. Creating job opportunities for 22 beneficiaries
  3. Helping women generate income to help their families through the salary they earn.
  4. Encouraging farmers to restore interest in their land and cultivate it, as the project is one of the most important new channels of drainage for their products.
  5. Restore self-confidence of working women by participating in commercial activities in the capital, Damascus.