First step center

Rural Damascus – Erabin -2019

St.Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee opened the first step center for vocational education and training for adolescents among the age group (14-25) in the Arabin _ Eastern Ghouta region as a second center after the Bludan Center.

The services provided by the center:

-Vocational training and capacity building programs
-Life skills training programs
-Provide opportunities for young adolescents to suggest, plan and implement social and civil society initiatives

The center offers many recreational activities, professional courses and awareness campaigns, including:

-A training course for trainers (adolescent health), with the aim of building a fortified generation to confront the societal problems faced by the youth category.
– An activity in Eastern Ghouta schools that includes educating children about the dangers of early child labor, and the negative physical, psychological, and behavioral effects of it, the most important of which is the loss of the child, one of his most important rights, which is the right to education
-A course for preparing trainers and facilitators of life skills activities.
-An awareness campaign that aims to shed light on the psychological, physical and economic effects of the presence of war remnants and to provide safety and security information that must be followed to avoid these wastes.

The center is distinguished by the mobile team, which continues to carry out activities and initiatives in various areas of Ghouta.