Winter clothing distribution project

E-Voucher in Damascus Rural – Jaramana – 2018

With the approaching winter season, the EPDC worked to secure the requirements of winter clothing for children through the winter clothing distribution project in Damascus – Jaramana Rural, using an electronic card method that gives the beneficiaries the freedom to choose the appropriate clothes for their children in a manner that suits their needs.

The project included several stages that started with the survey of the target area, entering data and communicating with the beneficiaries, then distributing and explaining the mechanism of benefiting from electronic purchase vouchers through a network of shops in several areas. During the third stage, the EPDC worked to be present in all commercial shops to ensure the progress of the project and to secure all required assistance to beneficiaries.

The number of beneficiaries reached 20,589 children from the displaced community families living in Jaramana community.