Educational support

To encourage the continuation of their studies, the teames of St. Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee, provide educational support and follow-up to the Syrian middle school students coming from Lebanon, who number 137 students in Al-Rawda and Jdeidat Yabous Centers in countryside Damascus, through educational strengthening courses for all academic subjects, throughout the special exams, under the supervision of specialized professors, in addition to distributing tools and stationery to students.


Hygiene Kits Distribution / Damascus Rural /

Within the plan to prevent the spread of the novel Corona virus, St. Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee (EPDC) completed for the fifth consecutive day the distribution of personal hygiene kits for / 3,050 / beneficiaries in the First Step Center in Erbin, East Ghouta. The distribution was conducted with consideration and strict adherence to the health and precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Hygiene Kits Distribution / Damascus Rural – Daraa /

Within the continuous response to emergencies and the keen efforts to raise awareness on health issues, St. Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee (EPDC) distributed 2,000 hygiene kits in Jaramana, Rural Damascus and Dara’a. The distribution included hygiene promotion on the importance of maintaining personal hygiene and ways of acquiring drinkable water, along with providing awareness brochures. This activity was implemented in line with adopted COVID-19-related health measures of social distancing, wearing facemasks and using hand sanitizers.


Hygiene Kits Distribution for school students

As a continuation of its projects in Eastern Ghouta and in response to health needs due to the Corona virus crisis that the world is going through, the work sectors of the St. Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee are completing their work by in the areas of Al-Otaiba, Al-AHadaf, Shabaa, Al-Qasimia and Obadah in rural Damascus , in total 3000 hygiene kits, in addition to educational awareness brochures on the Corona virus and how to prevent it, addition to mind development games ” puzzle “, the distribution mechanism was carried out within the preventive safety measures of masks, sterilizers and Physical distancing
between the beneficiaries.

financial assistance for surgeries costs

During its ongoing work to support the community and secure its needs,within the health care program in St. Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee continues to provide its services to the beneficiaries in Damascus and its countryside, where financial assistance was provided to cover the costs of surgeries, medical analyzes and medicines for 430 beneficiaries, for a total value of 25 million Syrian Pound, the distributions took place in the free medical clinics and the first step center in Arbin, and Bab Touma in Damascus, Include preventive safety measures and health conditions for bodily spacing and the distribution of masks and sterilizers.


CASH Assistance

Within its participation in the national campaign for emergency humanitarian response due to COVID-19 pandemic, and based on its national and social responsibility in providing the necessary assistance to the community, St. Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee (EPDC) provided 400 families with cash assistance in Damascus and Rural Damascus. The distribution of the cash assistance was conducted according to the health measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 including regular sterilization of distribution site, social distancing, wearing facemasks, and hand sanitizers.


Vocational training – First Step Center-Bloudan

As part of the ongoing work to support the Syrian society and people, and within its programs of early recovery and livelihood (ER&L)/ vocational training, St. Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee (EPDC) conducted a closing ceremony for the women participating in hair-dressing training. The ceremony took place at the First Step Center-Bloudan and included distributing hairdressing tool kits to the women as a start to launch their professions.


English language Course – first step Center – Bloudan

starting on the correlation that the most job opportunities are related to mastering the English language, the first step Center in Bloudan continues to raise the capabilities of young people and adolescents to use the English language either verbally or in writing and reading, by following the latest Educational series in addition to encouraging students to participate in various activities such as writing their questions on cards or presentation .. And other interactive activities based on training and conclusion in order to increase the interaction between them and the teacher and consolidate their ideas and information.


Open day at the “First Step Center – Bloudan”

With the aim of introducing interactive educational technologies and employing them in building up micro-projects and service applications, the “First Step Center – Bloudan” in cooperation with the Syrian Information Society organized an open day event that included many activities aimed at teaching children and young people on how to install an electronic circuit in a way commensurate with their age group, the basic concepts of programing and logic, how to use the Ordino Panel and the build     ing of applications and technical projects in addition to the presentation of basic concepts in computer science without the need to use the computer itself in a funny and wonderful dialogue way.

Opening of the “child friendly space “

“We aim is to make each child feel safe” his holiness Mor Ignatius Ephrem ii.

His speech has taken place at the opening of the “child friendly space ” of St. Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee (EPDC) in the sector of peace building and social initiates.

The opening was attended by His holiness Bishop Timothaous Mattah Alkhoury, the vice Patriarch in Damascus and the general manager of EPDC , and Mr. Shadi Sarweh the Executive Director of the committee, with the participation of the employees and volunteers.

His holiness also added: “The center work to help the children to heal from the negative effects of the crisis, focusing on Education as one of the most important right that they lost during the war”.

Bishop Mattah Alkhoury talked about the importance of the CFS that is a continuation of EPDC work in the development sector, targeting children this time by offering the psychological support and education for them.

This project comes as one of the development projects by EPDC that aims to help Syrians to recover from the crisis effect, where the center will work within main sectors (psychosocial support, informal Education and creative activities).



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