kitchen garden follow-up visits

Abu Muhammad from Thnieba village in Daraa welcomed EPDC Food and Security team, who intended to follow up the kitchen garden support project from the summer season
To observe the plants and problems that faced the farmers during planting them, in order to start preparing for the next winter season to receive the winter season’s kits.
It is noteworthy that the project covered the needs of 301 farmers with summer seeds, fertilizers and a drip irrigation systems.
The follow-up visits included collecting survey for the beneficiaries to determine their satisfaction with the received materials and their suggestions for future interventions.

Rehabilitation and restoration a drinking water wells

As a continuation of its ongoing activities in the southern region – Daraa Governorate and within the water and sanitation program, the St. Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee has rehabilitated and restored a number of drinking water wells that were suspended due to the war conditions that the country has gone through.

The number of targeted wells in the second batch reached three wells in the city of Sheikh Miskin (the Hamra well that feeds 8,500 people and the industrial well 7000 people) and the third well in the village of Simlin and provides water for 3500 people.


Hygiene Kits Distribution / Damascus Rural – Daraa /

Within the continuous response to emergencies and the keen efforts to raise awareness on health issues, St. Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee (EPDC) distributed 2,000 hygiene kits in Jaramana, Rural Damascus and Dara’a. The distribution included hygiene promotion on the importance of maintaining personal hygiene and ways of acquiring drinkable water, along with providing awareness brochures. This activity was implemented in line with adopted COVID-19-related health measures of social distancing, wearing facemasks and using hand sanitizers.


Rehabilitating Wells and Water Resources

In Daraa governorate, a lot  of residents buy water tanks because the amount of water through the network is insufficient to meet their needs. Therefore, the sanitation and water teams in St. Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee worked on rehabilitating a number of wells to access  water to the population through pumping stations And water networks. The total number of beneficiaries is 27,700 people.




A project to rehabilitate drinking water sources

In order to secure the access of drinking water from the boreholes to the affected families houses through the drinking water network in different areas of Daraa governorate, EPDC has launched a project to rehabilitate drinking water sources from boreholes and pumping station in Daraa, in the villages of : (Inkhil , Jasim , Bouser Al Harir, Tarek Al Sadd).
By suppling and installing of all required electrical and mechanical equipment’s for the operation of the boreholes to ensure the pumping of drinking water through the networks to 60,000 Beneficiaries approximately in the targeted villages.