Muhannad’s success story – First Step Center – Bloudan

With a smile, Muhannad (18 years old) told the story of his work as a barber that he attained after learning the main principles until reaching professionalism and mastered it with skill. Muhannad suffers from deafness after suffering an ear infection when he was 6 years old and he lost his sense of hearing, but he can read easy movement of lips.

Muhannad used to work with his father in plumbing. When he knew about the vocational training courses by St. Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee (EPDC) at the First Step Center in the town of Bloudan in Rural Damascus and about the efficiency of these courses with the help of professional trainers, and good treatment of the working team.

Today, Muhannad has become a productive individual and is able to support himself after he converted a room in his house to a men’s barbershop, and he had customers that he constantly visited due to his success in mastering the profession he loves.

“Not only did I learn men hairdressing profession, I also learned the joy of giving with love.”

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