Ahd and Nour Initiative – 2016

In cooperation with the United Nations Development Office in Syria, the St.Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee has set up an “era and light” initiative to enhance belonging to the Syrian identity and accept the other, and contribute to establishing a conscious mind, developing skills, and discovering and highlighting talents.

The initiative creates and coaches working groups of beneficiaries directly, so that he himself can implement initiatives within his direct or indirect community. Also, the Bridge team, in coordination with the St.Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee, implements activities for its centers in Damascus to spread awareness and publicize the team’s work and activities.

To form a floor for continuous expansion and expansion to reach the largest slides.

Where the idea of ​​the initiative is based on the presence of two fictional characters from Syrian history, namely Adonis and Anana, who know the targeted Syrian youth in the Kashkool region about the Syrian heritage and the promotion of identity and belonging and accept the other, using modern and innovative educational methods (films – making models – handicrafts – activities Interactive).