Dafa and AffA project – 2015

The St.Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee are Provides in the importance of the role of women in society, and the authority works across all its sectors to take care of women and the mother in particular through a set of programs to build capacities and secure work opportunities for women to secure their families, in addition to setting up courses on health awareness for women as well.

And one of the activities held by the EPDC is the “Dafa and Affa” event in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program and the Church of Mar Yaqoub ElBaradei, in each of the regions (Jaramana – Al Duwailah – Al Kabas – Bludan) through which the basic requirements for women to sew wool clothes were secured after They follow training sessions under the supervision of specialists.

The clothes, caps and shawls produced during the project were distributed to the most vulnerable families who are unable to secure the winter requirements of winter clothes.

Not only did the Dafa and Affa women content themselves with wool production, the sessions also included awareness lectures stemming from the needs of families that talked about adolescence and public health and how to prevent communicable diseases.