Yedi Tasna Workshop

Jaramana 2016

As part of its ongoing work to support the community and provide requirements for its development, and within the sector of restoring livelihoods, St.Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee, in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program, has established a hand project made in Jaramana

The project aims to provide job opportunities for carpentry workshop trainees and help workers to return to the production and work cycle for the production of furniture and furniture, by training 36 young people in the carpentry profession for a period of three months and releasing them to the labor market, and after distributing a kit bag for each trainee to return to their activity immediately.

In 2018 the project was developed and expanded, and by increasing the production line for a hand-made workshop consisting of a CNC drilling machine and a vacuum press for PVC, increasing the number of workshop workers and employing the first students in the course in the workshop staff.