Recreational activities for school students

Continuing the projects implemented by St. Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee EPDC in Al-Shahid Khalid Ali Mahmoud School in Al-Hamidiyah town in rural Quneitra, which included a project to renovate and rehabilitate the sanitary facilities of the school to ensure clean and safe water sources for the students and staff, as well as a Cash for Work project carried out by members of the local community to renovate the school’s external facilities such as the courtyard, walls, and landscaping, and to maintain the internal facilities such as doors, windows, painting, and whiteboards, the team of EPDC visited the school and met with the students, conducting interactive and recreational activities with them, in addition to awareness sessions on personal and public hygiene, disease awareness, especially cholera, and prevention and treatment methods. The team also distributed 342 hygiene kits to the students and staff, wishing them a successful and healthy academic year.