Heaters distribution in Daraa rural

“Every evening, my children and I sit around the heater. It is not only a source of warmth. I cook food on it to save gas, and I dry the laundry around it.”
This is what one of the women of the village Jidiya in Rural Dar’a shared with us about the benefits of the heater and Tamez that she received from St. Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee EPDC
The EPDC team in Dar’a finished distributing the third (and the last) batch of Tamez to the people of the villages of Jidiya and Alma, who benefited from the heaters and Tamez distribution project implemented by EPDC for the third year in a row to help the neediest families to secure warmth.
This winter, 1,248 families from the two villages benefited from the project, each family will receive a heater and its accessories, and three batches of Tamez, totaling 243 kg.