Protection and education activities

A year has passed since the 6 February earthquake that struck Syria and was particularly affected by the Syrian northern cities of “Aleppo, Idleb, Hamah, their countryside and the cities of the Syrian coast”.
St. Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee continues to perform its humanitarian work for our affected people through in-kind assistance, relief and development projects,protection and education projects.
With all love and responsibility, and to encourage children and adolescents to pursue education and to help them and their families overcome some of the difficulties they face, especially the significant rise in stationery prices, The protection project team, implemented by EPDC in the city of Aleppo, distributed 917 stationery kits, each of which includes a school bag, notebooks, pens, colors, and other necessary materials.
The project provides various services such as psychosocial support sessions, mental health awareness, educational remedial lessons, various interactive activities targeted at children, effective services within case management that meet psychosocial and physical needs, as well as awareness sessions for children’s parents.